By purchasing a schlampe you are supporting the rural arts. And you give senior women the chance to knit LUST, instead of boring, green military socks, for free.

Your knitters live in the southernmost Austrian state, chiefly famous for its mountains and lakes. Their experienced hands produce unique, high-quality work. Let me introduce you to your personal knitter:
Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth likes to work with all kinds of materials and employs various techniques – she felts wool, sews fabric and designs jewelry with stones. She is a member of the local knitting circle that meets once a month. On that occasion finished pieces are presented and patterns are shared.
Anna S.
Anna was trained as a seamstress and currently works as a designer for traditional costumes. Since her fingers are never idle, she finds time to knit at night, while watching TV. She concedes, that sometimes she falls asleep while knitting.
Gerlinde M.
Gerlinde likes to knit, but her personal speciality is making bees out of straw. The bees get arranged in hanging mobiles or freestanding sculptures.
Rosalia K.
Rosalia is also a member of the local knitting circle. She has always been making things by hand. When she was little her mother used to hide little treats in her skeins. When a skein was finsihed, she was rewarded.
Herta B.
Herta is full of energy and has a loud, hearty laugh. She can make anything with a needle and a skein of yarn. She recently finished a pair of stockings for the traditional lederhosen (Austrian traditional costume), that blew everyone’s minds. It features twisted stitches, bobbles and cables.